Front Door Concerts is a collective of Austin's premier children's musicians and early childhood educators, each with a loyal following across the greater Austin area.

We take great pride in our city, in its culture, in its growth -- and take great interest in the new communities that are forming. New families, new neighbors, new connections!

We're NOT so keen on the challenges that come with growth in our city. You are already well aware of these: Traffic, parking, crowds, and did we mention traffic?!?!?

When you have young children and short windows of time between feeding, dressing, and napping, attending an event can be cumbersome to even consider. And that's why WE want to come to YOU!

Host a monthly community event in your public spaces -- neighborhood clubhouses, rec centers, any public gathering place -- and relax, recharge, and CONNECT while we bring music, movement, and lots of laughs right to your Front Door!

We work with HOAs, realtors, and business sponsors

to keep the concerts FREE-to-families!